Angelina the dachshund with Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA)

This is Angelina, one of my favorite fosters.
One morning a vet north of Atlanta called me to let me know someone had left Angelina (and her brother, a Jack Russell Terrier) tied to their office porch.
It turned out that Angelina had an extremely severe heart murmur. She was about 2 years old, and the vet was surprised that she had survived that long. She had a hole in her heart, which all puppies have, and which is supposed to close at or near birth. Hers didn’t.
Angelina had a little surgery to close the hole, and very soon she became very active and playful. We held a yard sale to pay for her surgery and raised all the money to pay for it. THANKS to the many people who contributed items and bought items!
Angelina now lives with her moms, Belinda and Michelle, and her two dachshund brothers, Shorty and Wesley.


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