Luke the down dachshund is coming home today.

Luke has had an eventful week with the UGA vet school.

His vet student in the neurology department, Carrie, has been giving him a lot of attention. He couldn’t have his myelogram until Friday, so Carrie found a loaner cart for him to use and he tooled around the halls and played ball with her in the cart! That gave me hope that even if his surgery doesn’t work, he will still be a happy doggie. DREAM will order him a cart as well.

We made the decision to have the surgery, and he came through well. Time will tell if it will help him at all. Perhaps it will at least give him some bladder and bowel control, even if he can never walk.

I drive back up to Athens today to pick him up, and start his recuperation. We’ll be doing water therapy, passive motion exercises, anti-inflammatories, and lots of crate rest.

Since my other “down” dog, Tabby, has had a little soreness in her back this week, she’ll be in the crate next to his. Maybe they will entertain each other! I need to buy lots of tempting toys and chewies to keep them occupied.


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  1. Charles Jade's Mom
    Aug 21, 2008 @ 03:05:00

    Hello. My chocolate, long-haired dachshund, Charlie (a girl) just came home from the surgery center yesterday….the obvious problem, herniated disc. The question I have is about the passive range of motion exercises. I hace not yet made an appointment with the Physical Therapist but would like to start exercise at home. Is there a guide, instructions somewhere that you know of??? I want to be sure I am doing things correctly. You Luke is adorable and I hope he starts feeling better super soon!
    Thank you in advance to anyone with help/suggestions.
    Charlie’s Mom in Dallas


  2. Kristin
    Aug 24, 2008 @ 18:21:00

    Hi there, there are a lot of resource on line for at-home physical therapy. Swimming can e incredibly helpful too. Have you visited, a terrific repository of resources for people in this situation? Love to Charlie….Please email me directly, I’d love to talk. helpmedream (at)


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