Owen the dachshund’s new love

I got such a cute voicemail from Owen’s new mom!

She said, “Owen and I are in love.”

I saved her phone number in my cellphone under “Owen.”

He has been a lucky boy — first a dachshund lover (one of our past adopters, Snuggles’ new mom) found him on the street and turned him over to DREAM. Then, while we was with us for about a month, he got plenty of food and clean water and love, and got to stay in the air conditioning instead of fending for himself on the streets. DREAM took care of his shots, neutering, and his “tummy troubles” from having lots of parasites and scavenging whatever he could find to eat. Luckily he wasn’t on the street long enough to lose his sweet personality, although he was scared for a few days. But he wanted to be loved more than he was scared.

Then he found a wonderful new mom, Terri, who is giving him all the love he needs. He gets to go watch the tennis game every Sunday with his mom’s team and all their dogs.


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  1. Terri
    Aug 07, 2006 @ 12:09:00

    It’s true it’s true! I am in love with Owen. And he loves me back. I just know it. Last night he slept in the crook of my arm. He snored softly, his little eyelids fluttering and his legs twitching. I’m sure he was chasing a squirrel through his dreams. He’d seen one earlier in the day, and it was very exciting for everyone. He is such a sweet sweet sweetie.


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