Adventures in bathing with dachshunds

When dogs first come into rescue, they are often very afraid of being separated from me, the first person to show them kindness in a while. One humorous way this shows up is when I need to take a shower.

Eva, pictured here, would hurl herself into the shower with me. The first time this happened, I just leaned down and rubbed some Head and Shoulders on her to give her a bath, which she had been afraid of earlier that day. She just huddled in the back of the tub for the rest of my shower. She didn’t jump out.

I’ve had other dogs jump into the bath with me, but never the shower! It’s a bigger surprise because you don’t see it coming, but it’s less of a mess.

Luke, who you’ve already met, usually sits outside the shower on the bath mat and cries. I have to stick my head out of the curtain periodically to reassure him that I’m still there. This morning was a big breakthrough because he just sat out there calmly without crying.

Tabby, who was a foster before we adopted her, waits outside the shower for me so she can lick the water off my legs. Since I need to encourage her to drink water anyway (paralyzed dogs are prone to urinary tract infections), I don’t mind!


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