Luke wagged his tail! (Well, a little bit.)

Last night we were sitting on the bed watching more episodes of “The Closer” on DVD. Luke was with me, and I was doing his passive range of motion exercises. He seems to really relax when I do them, unless he’s trying to play and wrestle. I had just switched to pulling him onto all 4 feet to help him balance and stand, which he is doing really well. He can stand for about 10 seconds before he kind of sinks to a sitting position.

One of the other foster dogs, Arthur, strolled in with a squeaky ball, and jumped on the bed and squeaked it.

Luke’s tail wagged! It wasn’t a “full” wag, it was a little short, quivery, “middle of the pendulum swing” sort of wag, but it was DEFINITELY a wag, and NOT a reflex. It went on for about 15 seconds, and then Arthur took his ball in the other room, and it was all over.

It really seems like his function may come back, drip by drip by drip.

Today we go to Loving Touch to have his Frankenstein staples taken out and to talk about what kind of ongoing rehab/therapy he needs.

Way to Go, Luke!!!


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