Luke the down dachshund got his chair!

Luke has had a big couple of days! On Thursday we went back to Loving Touch to have his staples removed and decide on what course to take for his ongoing rehabilitation. He would not wag his tail for Dr. Tracey, but he did support himself on all four legs for short periods. He very much enjoyed the turkey jerky treats that Ray the vet tech used to keep him entertained. Dr. Tracey showed me some new PT exercises to do with him, and some tissue manipulation techniques to keep adhesions from building up around his suture. When we go on vacation next month, Luke will stay at Loving Touch’s rehabilitation center to get some more intense PT. Until then, I will take him for a PT session once a week.

More exciting news! Luke’s chair arrived from He was dubious at first, but once he figured out what those wheels were for, he zoomed around, and can even back up without a problem. Check him out! Tabby looks a little envious — maybe I will get her a cart too.

We are going to an outdoor party today…I think I will take Luke and see how he does “on the street.”


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