Luke’s new loves — Elizabeth and Marcella

Luke is going regularly to Caring Canine Rehabilitation Center for his physical therapy. They do all kinds of therapy for him — electrical stimulation (which made a difference on the first day), massage, stretching his legs so that the muscles don’t stay so contracted, standing him over a bolster, and aquatherapy on the underwater treadmill. He especially loves to go there and run through the door in his cart barking his head off like he owns the place. His therapist, Elizabeth, is very patient with him. (He is not too cooperative with the anal probe that is supposed to give his pelvic floor electrical stimulation so he can regain some bladder/bowel control.) During his exercises, he fusses until someone feeds him turkey jerky…he has us all well-trained! Once someone starts giving him little slivers of the turkey jerky, he doesn’t care what else is going on.

This week he is staying overnight to get PT two days in a row, so he gets to snuggle with Marcella (who is partial to dachshunds). Marcella takes care of the doggies at night.

Luke has a huge crush on both Marcella and Elizabeth!

His wagging his tail regularly now, and attempting to stand. His greatest joy in life, though, remains taking a walk around the block in his cart. He FLIES down the street, with me trailing behind at the end of the taut leash. People driving by often stop their cars to admire him, and some roll down their windows and ask about him. He is becoming very famous in the neighborhood.

Luke’s expenses continue to mount, but it is so rewarding to see his mobility and function return little by little. I hope we can raise some additional funds for him at Howl-O-Weenie, our annual dachshund picnic, on October 28 in Decatur, GA.


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