Big day in dachshund rescue!

Good day today! Some of the wonderful things that are happening at DREAM.

We have a new foster home! Ashley has begun fostering Smokey Joe. It’s great to have a new place — opens up more room for us to save more dogs. Foster space and funds for vet care are our biggest limitations. This is a picture of Smokey Joe after a long hike with Ashley … worn out!

We had an adoption today! Pixie was adopted by her new mom, Lindsay. Pixie is going to live in a darling little carriage house where she has her own bedroom.

HowlOWeenie, our annual picnic, is coming together! We have 2 beautiful prints from Terry Pond to use on our t-shirts, and many artists and vendors are agreeing to be in our artists market. And of course all the planning for our costume contest, face kissing contest, howling contest, and the Dachshund Dash.

I feel very fortunate indeed to have our terrific board of directors, all committed and FUN women who love the dachshunds and give so much of their time and their hearts to saving them.

There may always be more dogs than there are homes, but I feel that we are doing our little bit to help some of the suffering. It’s a good day to be in rescue.


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