House full of dachshunds

After two weeks of vacation (sans dachsies), I’m back in the proverbial saddle. Luke spent two weeks at rehab, and is spunky and cheerful. He wags his tail almost constantly and I swear he has gotten even faster in his cart. His little back legs are still very stiff and contracted, but when he is in the cart he holds them in a natural position, as though he is standing. I think he has a bit more bladder control as well. He resists me when I try to “squeeze” him — holds his abdominal muscles tight! Then he dribbles as he tools around in the cart, so I have to put a “drip cloth” around him.

Arthur did very well with the house sitter, after he had bitten him once. This is Arthur’s life philosophy — “Bite everyone I meet once, and then if they stick around, they’re my best friend.” Makes adoption a little challenging, but there is a home out there for every dog, if we can just wait long enough.

Fella remains his old self — sweet, loving, and terrified of being picked up. If the slightest thing scares him, he bites whatever is closest. Another challenging case, but it is wonderful to see him open up more and more every day.

The calls keep coming in, more and more dachshunds in need of help.


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