Kevin — my first foster dachshund

I received an email today from a family that adopted the first dog I ever rescued myself from a shelter — Kevin. His new family named him Whiskey. Matching dogs to families like this one is what keeps me going with rescue, even when it seems too overwhelming, too frustrating, or just too hard.

Actually I have some sad news about Whiskey (Kevin). Last week he suffered a stroke and was subsequently diagnosed with leukemia. Unfortunately just today he lost the battle and went ahead of us to heaven. We took him to the vet’s office tonight to have him cremated. We should have him back home next Wednesday to sit next to Daisy (our other senior wiener who we lost just before we got Whiskey).

We would not change a moment of our time with our foot-cleaning, dishwasher-cleaning, closet-sleeper “whosa-boy”. (That’s what we kinda called him at home)

Thanks so much for the opportunity to get to know him and love him – he was a great pet. But it was his time to go ahead and scout out the other side for us. We all hope to see him again someday in a better place.

Both Susan & I know that you really loved that dog & so did we. There were lots of tears here today. We will truly miss him.

We’ve got to grieve for a bit, but who knows, we may hook up again & get another dog from you guys.


Goodbye Kevin. You were a good, good dog. Lots of people here loved you, and we’re looking forward to seeing you at the Rainbow Bridge. I hope your heaven is full of Krazy Kat toys and comfy laundry baskets, with no scary windshield wipers anywhere. We love you, Kevin. We love you, Whiskey.


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