Busy Day Planning HowlOWeenie Dachshund Picnic

We had a board meeting today to plan the 2006 HowlOWeenie Dachshund Picnic. This is our fourth annual picnic — it gets bigger every year!

We are especially excited about the art for our T-shirts, by Terry Pond. We will have TWO t-shirts this year, one with a black and tan dachshund and one with a red dachshund. Check out Terry’s website and see if you can guess which ones we used!

Also on tap: hot dog sales (of course), dachshund root beer from Three Dachshunds Brewery, costume contest, face kissing contest, the dachshund dash (don’t worry, it’s back-friendly), and the ever-popular howling contest (in which what the owners do to get their dachsies to howl is even funnier than the howling part). And a revival of our calendar contest, in which the 12 photos that get the most votes are featured in our 2007 calendar.

October 28 is right around the corner!! Join us at Glen Lake Park in Decatur. 1211 Church Street.


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