HowlOWeenie is almost here!

It has been a really busy couple of weeks as we get ready for HowlOWeenie, and we are really excited about this year’s picnic. Everyone cross their dachsie fingers and toes and tails for sunny warm weather!

A lot of preparation goes into the event, which is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and pays for the veterinary costs of helping abandoned dachshunds.

Our board of directors splits responsibility for planning the event and pulling it off. This year Michele and Ivy are the chairs. I am running the vendor/artist market (new!), and coordinating T-shirts (getting the art from Terry Pond and ordering the shirts). Carol is of course doing her amazing art for the auction, as well as the marketing with Ivy (working with Cindy at Star 94, the AJC, WABE, etc). Brenda covers all the registration and volunteer coordination, and the 50/50 raffle (another new thing this year). Michele is also in charge of the contests. Ivy has the calendar contest. Sherry is the money lady.

The vendor / artist market this year is a new thing for us. We used to do a silent auction, but the effort to pull that off was immense, and it was expensive because we had to rent tables (which also were very heavy and caused angst among our trusty volunteers). This year the vendors pay a fee, and bring their own tables and supplies. Voila! We have some really exciting vendors this year, and I hope they all make lots of money and will come back next year.

The calendar contest is in its second year. The big challenge there is finding reasonable printing costs….last year we were worried that the printing would be more than the contest raised in entry fees and votes! Since we didn’t know how many we could sell, we ordered only a small number and sold out. This year we are offering pre-orders at the picnic, so we will know how many to order.

Of course, the hotdog lunches…$5 for a dog, chips, drink, and homemade dessert. We’re all scrambling to find friends who will bake cookies! We expect to sell 600 lunches this year!

The contests this year are costume (always a big hit!), face kissing, howling, and the dachshund dash. These dachsie owners get competitive!

In the last few days, all of us at DREAM have been juggling literally hundreds of emails to/from each other and from all you dachsie lovers out there. It’s gonna be a terrific day! Come on out to Glen Lake Park, 1121 Church Street, on Saturday, October 28, 2006, with or without your dachsie.

We are very lucky to have such an enthusiastic dachsie community!


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