Difficult week — too many dogs.

I had a difficult day today. DREAM has a small number of foster homes, and each volunteers to care for a small number of foster dogs at a time. We as a board really value these foster homes, and we are volunteers ourselves.

Most of our foster homes care for 1 – 2 foster dogs at a time. When a foster home volunteers, we ask them what kinds of foster situations they are able / willing to deal with, and we are very careful not to ask them to deal with situations that they are not ready for (or willing to do). For example: dogs with health issues (injuries, back issues, or age), dogs with behavioral issues (can’t get along with other dogs, chase cats, or afraid of strangers).

In the last few days, we have gotten requests to take in a dog with severe injuries all over the front half of his body (thankfully, by the time I responded to the email later that afternoon, other rescue had been found); an owner surrender because of divorce; and 4 animal control notices that we could not handle.

There are too many. There are too many. We don’t have enough room. All the dachshund rescues don’t have enough room.

Please, tell everyone you know, there are too many. If you know someone who wants to add a dog to their home, beg them to rescue a dog — not to buy from a petstore, buy from the newspaper, or go to a breeder. Every puppy bought is a living dog not saved. One day I hope we are in the situation where every dog born has a home waiting for it eagerly, with arms outstretched. When that day comes, I will breed the dachshunds myself. We are not there now.

This is my sweet Max, and old foster who loved to play soccer with a big ball. He came from a breeder who decided to stop breeding.

I cry for every single one I can’t help.


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