Arthur, Frasier, and Smokey Joe

DREAM has three fosters who seem to have a lot in common: one of which is making their DREAM family their forever family. This is problematic to say the least!

Arthur, Frasier, and Smokey Joe have each fostered with me at some point in their DREAM care. I currently am still fostering Arthur.

Sometimes I think that they are purposely trying to make their DREAM foster homes their forever homes!

Each is a TERRIFIC dog: good natured, friendly, playful, and loving. And each is extremely intelligent. I swear they have figured out how to game the system.

Case in point: Arthur. Arthur is fostering with me now. When he came to DREAM, he had been stray for a few weeks, out in the storms, and was very afraid. He warmed to me immediately though, and I thought he would be no trouble to adopt out. But Arthur knew a good thing when he saw it. Whenever a new family would come to see him, in the hopes of connecting with him for an adoption, he would bark and bark. One poor woman (if you’re reading this, you know who you are!!) got a nice little nip on her tush when she came to meet him! Yet Arthur gets along great with all my friends, my little 6-year old niece, and other visitors who give him time to warm up to them. Arthur’s greatest joy in life (besides his morning snuggle) is to stand on various items. Outside, he loves to stand on rocks. Inside, he loves any book or small piece of furniture that will support his little front feet. He would be a great little pet for any home that didn’t have a lot of visitors.

Smokey Joe. One of the most handsome dachsies ever to live! Shiny, smart, and oh so cuddly. Loves hiking and active people. His little problem is with cats. Ditto Frasier.

Since DREAM does not recommend dachshunds for anyone with small children (or plans to have them!), these three spectacular specimens of dachshund go unclaimed.

Are YOU the one who holds the key to their hearts? If you talked to any of their foster moms, you’d get an earful about how much love these boys add to their houses.


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