Luke – woke up last night to go potty

A very strange and wonderful thing happened last night.

I woke up in the middle of the night, hearing one of the dogs scratching to get out of the bedroom. I turned on the light and it was LUKE! He had crawled out of the bed, down the ramp, and gotten to the door — and he’d had diarrhea all over the floor on his way.

Now, when you wake up in the night to a floor full of liquid poop, you may not think of it as wonderful. But here’s the kicker: This means that Luke knew he had to go to the bathroom. And that’s a first, as far as I can tell, since his surgery in late July.

There’s more. When I opened the bedroom door, he made a beeline for the back door so he could go in the yard. (He can travel amazingly fast considering he only really uses his front legs, and he’s really trying to get those back legs under him. The muscles are still too contracted for him to bend them on his own, but the contraction gets softer every week.)

I have never been so inspired by poop.

We will redouble our physical therapy efforts. I am also looking into a water therapist for him.

Yahoo Luke!

Now, if I can just fix this case of the trots he has. Here he is enjoying a little time in the sunshine.


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