Dachshund Event March 3!

We have a 2007 event on the books! Last weekend at our board retreat, we planned our first 2007 event….a “Weenie Roast”!
No, it won’t be hotdogs. (That’s for HowlOWeenie!)
It will be a dinner event. People attending will send a picture of their dachsie, and Carol is going to make a presentation slide show out of it. During dinner, people will stand up as their dachsie’s picture comes up, and tell a story about their doggie. (That’s the roast part. Get it?)
We’ll also have information about DREAM in general, but the main point is to have fun, talk about our dachsies and how much they mean to us, recognize some folks who really helped us this year, and raise a little $$ for the dogs. Carol will probably make a wonderful dachsie art mosaic item, and we’ll have a little 50/50 raffle.
Mark your calendars for 3/3, and watch the website for details. Tickets will go on sale after the new year.
I’m the decorations committee… better get to thinking about how to decorate on a dachshund’s shoestring. Hope to do a better job than this lady at the sink!

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