Luke’s paddling

No, not the punishment kind of paddling — DOG paddling!

Luke has begun therapy with Dog Paddle — an aquatherapy kind of thing. We just returned from his second session and he is sacked out in his crate sleeping hard. It is hard work. He swims with Marna for about 15 minutes, then takes a rest. Repeat three times. Marna said she could tell a difference today — that under the water he was kicking against her hand. His legs, especially around the hocks, are still very contracted, but much better than they used to be.

I hope one day he will walk again, but even if he never does, he will still be a happy dog. One day he will find his forever home, someone to love him and take care of him, and whether or not he walks will not be the most important thing. The most important thing will be that he found that home.


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