You know what I’d REALLY like to do? Breed dachshund puppies.

Yes, that’s right. What I would love to do is to breed dachshund puppies.

Imagine it. You have 2 beautiful dachshunds that you love….sweet sweet snugglers that love you and each other. And then you get to help your little girl through her pregnancy, and see all the little ones get born, and then you have their BABIES! Teeny tiny sweet handfuls of puppydom, nursing on your own sweet dachsie! And then they grow up a little bit and get the puppy breath and start to stumble around as they learn to walk! And then they grow up a little more and start to ramble and wrestle all over the house… like a mini gang of cuteness!

There would be black and tan ones, and red ones, and long hair ones, and short hair ones. And they would all sleep in a pile together, sometimes on the bed with me while I watch a movie, and they would be so cute that I just could not STAND IT — I would want to kiss them all the time!!! And they would get a little older and find good homes, ones where I could keep in touch with them for the rest of their lives and make sure that they were always ok, always loved.

I would LOVE that! Man, would I love that!

But I don’t do it. And I guess I never will.

Why? It’s a great dream, and it would make me really happy, and I could make lots of other people happy by giving them loving, beautiful, playful, healthy pets.

Here’s why.

For every puppy born and sold, a homeless dog doesn’t find a home. And right now, there are too many homeless dogs. Not just mixes, either. Dachshunds. Pure-bred ones. And plenty of them.

Emmitt. Grace. Abby. Cricket. Tabby. Mimi. Kevin. Smitty. Dexter. Hans and Heidi. Frank. Lorelei. Amelia. Angelina. Annie. Barley. Iris. Isobel. Little Man. Big Boy. Coco. Buddy. Bubbles. Chouli. Coco. Cocopelli. Cool Eddy. Walter. Comet. Dougie. Elizabeth. Eva. Flame. Flo. Max. Maggie. Jordan. Giacomo. Porter. Ginger, Gingin, and Gingersnap. Tucker. Henry. Gus. Hoover. Nicholas. Maggie 2. India. Lance. Winnie. Ursula. Stumpy. Roxie. Scarlett. Nora. Montana. Midnight. Owen. Ripley. Peanut. Poindexter (Pointy Man). Mr. B. Tina. Matilda. Tia. Tracy. Wilson. Darcy. Summer. Swoosie. Susie. George.

And how many more? These are just the ones I can list off the top of my head. Dogs that all went to forever homes with DARE or DREAM, who would not have gone if that forever home had bought a puppy.

And then there are the ones still waiting: Arthur. Smokey Joe. Fella. Bobo. Willow. Luke. Elliott. Frasier. Jake. Jerry Beasley. If THEIR real homes don’t find them and go to a breeder, where will all of them live?

Maybe one day, when I’m 80 or so, all the dachshunds born will have a home to go to and stay forever. Then I’ll be able to breed. Until then, I’ll rescue.


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