Luke is ALMOST standing up!

The swim therapy is really helping Luke. We have been 6 times. His back legs are much more “bendy” now — the contractures are a lot better. He is really trying to stand up. Many times I will turn around and he is standing on one of the back legs. He holds it for a few seconds, then sort of lists off to one side, and he’s sitting again.

He’s in terrific spirits, although he doesn’t like the swimming very much. He cooperates, but you can tell he doesn’t enjoy it. When she first puts him in the pool, he tries to swim across it to where I’m sitting and watching. His eyes are huge. But he can really kick those back legs. The kicks aren’t very coordinated yet, but he is moving the legs and pushing off from her hand to propel himself forward. He can really go! — he makes a little “wake” behind him!

Once the swim therapy has really worked out his contractures, we will go back to Loving Touch to try to underwater treadmill to actually get him taking steps again.


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