Moving ’em in, moving ’em out.

We’re having a big week, both in adoptions and in intakes.

It looks as though Smokey Joe and Jake have good homes coming their way…just need to finalize a few things.

This week we agreed to take in 5 doggies, but 3 of them have turned out not to need us. We are taking Doc and Pepper in today. Their family is having a really difficult time, having suffered the death of a grandchild, a miscarriage, and now health issues with the new baby. I am picking them up at 3:30, taking them to the vet, and then crowding them in at my house until I can get them to their new foster homes on Saturday.

We also agreed to take Dudley from another rescue group who is really struggling, but they have decided to keep him after all.

A little nameless boy in Animal Control near Helen, GA, was going to come to DREAM, but he was adopted! Happy story!

A little boy at UGA veterinary hospital had back surgery, but it was not successful. His family was going to either turn him in to DREAM or euthanize him, but at the last minute they decided to give it a try and take him home with a cart. We wish them well, and hope they will allow us to mentor them in the care of their little one until they are in the swing of things.

There is a little senior girl in Cherokee county in need. I hope that DARE or DRNA will be able to get her, but none of our foster homes is appropriate for her. It is so difficult to have both 1) space and 2) appropriate space at the same time.

For the doggies….


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