Chattooga County – Puppy Mill Bust

Many of you saw on WSB the footage of the puppy mill bust from Chattooga County. DREAM was coordinating with DRNA (who had volunteered to coordinate all rescues in the area for the dachshunds at the mill) to take in as many as we could.

Unfortunately, we found out this morning that all but 11 dogs will be returned to this breeder. The puppy mill went to the department of agriculture and had their license increased to handle up to 100 dogs. This is extremely discouraging to those of us who deal with the “downstream” of these decisions.

I am still hoping to get some of those dachshunds, and save them and their offspring from future suffering.

If you know someone who is NOT a breeder, and who is willing to go to Chattooga County, adopt a dachsie, and spay/neuter it, and take responsible care of it, I hope you’ll send them a link to this message. We in rescue will be working to get as many of them out of the puppy mill system as we can.

Meanwhile, the rest of those dogs are back with the people who cause much of the need for rescue in the first place, making more and more and more puppies.


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