Dachsies, dachshies, dachsies

Eventful week this week — but little to show for it!
I spent the early part of the week trying to track down dachshunds reportedly in animal control in Douglas, Henry, Carroll, and Spalding Counties. Animal control is not famous for answering its phone, so multiple phone calls were required.
One wouldn’t talk to me unless I faxed them an adoption form, required to prevent the dachshund there from being euthanized the next morning. So, find form online, print, complete, fax it back. Two hours later, I got a call — they made a mistake, and the dog had already been adopted. Good news for the dog, at least!
Another one was rescued by the time I got through. Great job, rescue network!
Another one, it turned out, had been featured in the local newspaper and had also been adopted. (As of today, it is still listed as “in danger” on the website.) Those folks need some volunteers! But at least the dog is safe.
And the last one was also rescued in the nick of time by another group. The rescue network sometimes works VERY well.
So, while I did a lot of legwork, telephone calling, and email/faxing, none of those dogs are with DREAM. But I am glad they are all safe.

We are getting a sweet little senior chi/dach mix this afternoon…Blanche. I’m looking forward to meeting her.


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