Dachshund Goings-On

We’ve had a terrific couple of weeks. We added 2 new foster homes, and we have 2 other foster applications in process. This is huge news, as it adds so much ability to help dogs. Yahoo! I just have to get to their homes for the homechecks.

I have 3 new dogs coming in this week. The first, Culpepper, was picked up Saturday morning and is spending the weekend at the vet. He was found by a kind stranger after being hit by a car, and taken to a vet in Ellenwood. They eventually found DREAM, and turned him over to us. We believe he has a broken jaw, but is otherwise ok. He will have x-rays and vaccinations this week, and hopefully he will be able to be neutered. He’s a darling black and tan shiny boy, only about a year old. How does a dog like that end up by the side of the road, under someone’s tires?

The second is a sweet girl in Winder. Her owners are turning her over due to drastically changed circumstances. She is diabetic and must begin taking daily insulin injections. I have not met her yet, but the vet in Winder who is keeping her until our foster space opens up, says that she is sweet and affectionate. She is only 6 years old. Let this be a warning to all of us who give that occasional sugar or white flour treat — don’t!

The third is in animal control in Douglas County. Young boy in quarantine for biting – he bit someone’s visiting relative. The AC folks there say he has not shown them any aggression, once he is outside the cage. Makes me wonder, whose fault was the bite? We get so many whose owners say their dog bit a guest “unprovoked” — and then they are sweet and wonderful pets who just needed someone with a bit more dog savvy (and especially dachshund-savvy!). Besides, who hasn’t wanted to bite their visiting relatives? We will find him a good home who knows how to work with him and keep him confident and secure.

All is well in dachshund rescue. As always, we need money and space, but that goes with the territory. These three are safe now, and that’s why we do what we do.


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