14 steps

Luke is making incredible progress. He has been in swim therapy for 5 months now, almost every weekend, and he has begun to take steps.
His contractures are almost gone. He is on his feet just as much as he is off of them. Most of the time he is in a standing position, but he is so impatient to get where he wants to go, that most of the time he still drags his legs beneath him (although in standing form).
When he slows down enough, he takes steps. Whenever he stands and starts to step, we start to count. A few days ago he was up to 14. They are not normal steps, but they are steps.
Tonight: another breakthrough. Luke tried to squat in the yard to poop! And he pooped on his own, in position!
Here he is at swim therapy, the little trooper. Check him out — standing up!!!
Thanks to Sherri, our new foster home, for the great pictures.

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