I drove down to Meriwether County Animal Control on Friday to pick up a little girl who was due for euthanization that afternoon. The people at the AC are very active in trying to find rescue. They said that they actually don’t have to euthanize very often, but they were very full, and she had been there the longest.

She’s a little dachshund shepherd mix, and so sweet. Just wants to please and be loved. But the surprise was — very pregnant. Craig and I have never whelped puppies before, so we are doing a lot of research on what to do. We will take her to the vet this week to get a better idea of when the big day is. Her belly looks so big, it can’t be very long.

We have named her Delia but call her Mama Dog most of the time. Whenever we come into the room, she wags so hard her tail hits both her sides. Then she rolls over on her back for a belly rub. I don’t think she has ever eaten dog food before. We have to bribe her by mixing cottage cheese into her kibble. We keep telling her that she is safe, and that she doesn’t have to worry any more.

I can see her in the next room as I type, and whenever she sees me look at her, she wags.

The people who turned her into Animal Control are well-known for not caring for (or, obviously, not spaying or neutering) their dogs. So much suffering in this world, for no reason. We can only do our part to alleviate a little of it.


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