Rescue week – Luke’s Joys and Nash’s Pain

We have had an eventful week!

Our joys this week include Luke’s adoption. Many of you have followed Luke’s story, from his surrender by his owners when he was injured, through his surgery, physical therapy, and swim therapy, and when he started to walk again. I am so proud of him! Last weekend, Luke went on a “sleepover” with a potential mom and dachsie brother. They are all in love — Luke has found his forever home. Thank you Kim and Marvin!
We had a very scary time with our foster Nash, one of the dogs we got from the breeder a couple of weeks ago. He came down suddenly with HGE (Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis) — an often unexplained condition that strikes fast and can be deadly. (My own dog had this last year, and it was terrifying). Nash’s human foster brother, Nicky, found him near death, and acted quickly. They got Nash to the vet for stabilization, IV fluids, and antibiotics. His bloodwork was terrible, his body temperature dropped and we were afraid we were going to lose him. Then the vet had to close and his foster mom Theresa took Nash to an emergency clinic for overnight care. In the morning he was much better. He spent the second day back at the normal vet, and went home that evening. It looks like he is going to be fine, but DREAM had a scary time of it there, especially Theresa, Nicky, and Sarah. They had to do all the shuffling from vet to vet to make sure Nash had professional medical care round the clock for a couple of days. He is much happier to be back in his foster home! We don’t have the final damage yet, but just the emergency vet part was more than $900. If anyone can help with Nash’s expenses, please send whatever you can. Even $10 makes a difference. Our website will tell you how, and all donations are completely tax-deductible.


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