Wednesday’s Rain, and Saturday’s HOWL

It’s the Wednesday before Howl-O-Weenie, and it’s pouring rain.  As all of you know, this means dachshunds all over Atlanta are peeing in the house.

But in just 3 days, we will all HOWL together at HowlOWeenie!  Make sure you get there early enough!  The first HOWL is at 10 AM with the howling contest, and the costume contest starts at 10:30!  We have so many fun events, we had to start earlier this year.

See you at Cabbagetown Park on Saturday morning.  The coffee will be waiting, thanks to Parkgrounds, so head on over and start the fun.  We are all so excited!  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous, a perfect “Fall in Atlanta” kind of day.  Cross your paws!

Check out our mural on Wylie near the park.  (Yes, it was legal.  But we felt really urban and hip getting it done.)

Howl on Wylie

Howl on Wylie


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