Barack Obama’s new puppy

I just sent the below message to the Barack Obama administration.  Who knows if he will receive it, but maybe if enough of us echo similar sentiments, we can make a real point.


Hi,  I’m thrilled that you’ll be giving the girls a rescued puppy when you reach the White House.  I am involved in a breed-specific dog rescue in Atlanta, GA.  I took a quick search on in the DC area, and saw more than 200 PUPPIES (not dogs, only puppies) in need in DC.

I really hope the Obamas will adopt from one of these shelters or rescues, and adopt a mixed breed dog.  If you adopt a specific breed, that will spike demand for that breed in the US — which means puppymills and unethical breeders profit.

And please make sure you spay or neuter your little one as soon as your vet advises, and tell the whole country that you did!

Please, send a message of compassion and adopt a mixed-breed puppy (or, ideally, an adult dog in need) from one of these groups.

Kristin Leydig Bryant
DREAM Dachshund Rescue
Atlanta, GA


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