4 Dachshunds in One Day – and 26 more

So, I’ve been flat on my back for 9 days now, struggling with what at first seemed to be a minor tickle in the throat, then a little sniffle, then a raging respiratory infection of evil that basically stole 4 days of my life.  On Tuesday my kind doctor prescribed a Zpack over the phone (for once I didn’t have to go in an give him some of my blood, he loves that) and I started to feel better within hours.

That’s the back story.

During all of that, I would occasionally lurch upwards in bed to a semi-seated position, grab my computer from the pillow on the floor (thank goodness for wireless), swig some formula 44, and log onto email to see what havoc the world has wrought upon the weiner dogs.

This week we got 4, actually we got them all squared away in one crazy day yesterday.

One is a sad sad story from Henry County.  A sweet little senior lady with mammary tumors, turned in when her owner had to go into a nursing home.  She has a host of medical problems, but now she is at Village Vets (man, do we love them!- www.thevillagevets.com) getting the full treatment.  She is also anemic, so there are lots of things to figure out for her.   Her story was all over the rescue email lists, and I was glad that DREAM was able to step up and get her.  Big thanks to Kate for getting her out, and to Sherri for fostering once she’s ready.

The second is another sad one (is there another kind?).  Dekalb County Animal Control’s rescue coordinator, Jamie, called to tell me they had picked up a tiny longhair dachshund puppy stray.  (Right!  Tiny “stray” puppy!  How does that happen?)  She was beautiful, friendly, and playful — but has some kind of birth defect so that her back legs are malformed and she cannot walk.  The theory is someone out there bred a litter, and then put this one out in the cold since it couldn’t be sold.  Good work Jamie getting her to us!  We’ll know in the next few days if she can have any kind of surgery or therapy to help her walk.  If not, she’ll get the teeniest wheelchair ever.  Belinda, who picked her up from Jamie, called that little sweetie Fiona.  She’ll be fostered soon by Ashley, who better guard her heart.

The last 2 have been in Habersham County shelter for a few days.  We finally got some room for them, and two brindle girls will be on their way to us on Monday.  A very kind volunteer there couldn’t bear to see them put down in that shelter, so she pulled them and had them boarded at her own expense until rescue could help.  (This is what I mean when I say that I see the best of humankind and the worst of humankind, doing rescue).  Debbie is certainly an example of the best.  Those two will get all their vetting next week and then foster with Kay and Vikki.

Last, we got word of a hoarding situation in Waycross, GA.  26 dogs in animal control there, and they are bursting at the seams.  DREAM is coordinating with All-American Dachshund Rescue to find places for them all over the next week.  We’ll be calling on all of our dachshund rescue buddies and the Doxie Underground Railroad for that one, I’m sure, to get some of these to the Northeast, where they do not have the overpopulation problems we have here in the south.  We are grateful to our friends at AADR for taking the lead on this one.  www.allamericandachshundrescue.org

Several of our sweeties found forever homes this week.  That makes us so happy, in two ways — seeing the dogs we’ve helped move on to their new lives, and making room for the endless stream of others in need.

Have a dachshund-filled day!  (as Michele’s voicemail always says!)


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Heather
    Jan 21, 2009 @ 22:06:09

    Hi Kristin, I hope you are feeling better. I’m glad DREAM was able to help the weiner dogs out. Their stories break my heart, and I wish there was something I could do to help. If I had been able to stay in Atlanta, I definitely would have fostered. Until then, I will send prayers and good thoughts your way, and I am glad that there are people with kind hearts out there that can help. Lorelei is sitting in my lap and sends doxie kisses!


  2. dreamdachshundrescue
    Feb 10, 2009 @ 01:26:40

    An update on all the doggies in this post. After 2 surgeries, the elderly lady, Lila, died. She just had way too many problems going at once, all of which needed surgery, and her body couldn’t take it. First I was angry, then I just got sad. She never got her chance. We tried, but she didn’t make it.

    Fiona, the longhair with the crazy legs, is growing like gangbusters and whipping herself all over the house. She has no idea that anything is wrong with her.

    The 2 girls from Habersham are safely ensconced in their foster home, and waiting for their real lives to begin. But loved in the meantime.


  3. Ann Paul
    Jul 27, 2009 @ 16:32:59

    Well, one wonderful thing did happen in January….I adopted the most handsome boy in the world, Dalton! He is now fat and happy and full of love and doggie kisses for everyone. BUT he is for sure a moma’s boy! His place in the evening is over my lap! He is very healthy now, totally heartworm free!!!
    Thanks to DREAM for all you do and thanks to Robin for being a good foster mom until Dalton found his FOREVER HOME!


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