Waycross Dogs

26 dogs were seized from a hoarder in Waycross, GA.  The dachshund rescue network (all us loonies out there who jump in to help) sprang into action, thanks to the coordination of All American Dachshund Rescue.  DREAM got 6.

Four boys, two girls.  All sweet, scared, dirty, skinny, and practically hairless from years of malnutrition.  It took a lot of coordination to get all of them safe.  Michele picked them up on her way to Atlanta from Savannah.  We took 4 to Village Vets and 2 to Pets Are People Too, so everyone could get shots and tests.  Thankfully, none had heartworm (a minor miracle in Georgia).  They showed evidence of demodex mange (non-contagious), but skin scrapes were negative.  We think Stewart is only about a year old, the rest about 3 years old.  None was healthy enough to spay/neuter.

After a weekend at the vet, we had to negotiate short-term fostering so that they could get healthy enough to be sterilized.  So — 2 weeks with a weiner dog, anyone?  We called in all favors.  Pets Playhouse on Ponce graciously agreed to house the 4 boys for 2 weeks, and the girls could go to our newest foster home in Gainesville.

I got up Monday morning, picked up Stewart and Miller at Pets Are People Too, and took them to Pets Playhouse.  Then I went to Village, and took Ben and Pauly to Pets Playhouse.  (Then I was exhausted and crabby.)  Gina’s hubby agreed to pick up Maura and Chamblee at Village and get them home.  (YAY, Gina and hubby!) So then, we’re settled for about 2 weeks.

Now, how to get each dog to the spay/neuter appointment, and picked up again later that day to get to the foster home?  And which foster home?  It’s not like we have enough foster homes, ever….and we’re actually worried about adding more foster homes, because it’s too hard to manage a large number of them as a volunteer.  The orchestrations and coordinations become mammoth.

That’s this week’s puzzle…but we have until February 10 to figure that out, and we have several new foster home applications, so we’re very hopeful that each dog will be in his / her real foster home right after surgery — and then, on to a wonderful real life.

Several news stories and blog entries on this out there.  Here’s one.  Very sad.


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