Big few days for DREAM Dachshunds

Wow, we have really had a chaotic few days.  I feel like I’m driving a big weiner dog train, and all the weiner dogs are hanging onto the tails of the ones in front of them with their teeth, like circus elephants used to do, and I just have to have faith that they will all hang on and get to where they need to be.  Thank goodness my “real” (read, paying) work isn’t too hectic right now, so I can keep all of this going for the moment.

Miller, fostering with Robin, may have distemper. This is one of the poor Waycross doggies.  He was vaccinated for it at Pets are People Too, but Village Lilburn thinks he has it. I’ve never had this happen before, so I don’t have any insight on why / how that could happen, but he’s not able to be neutered this week as scheduled.  He is at Village now, and will go back to Robin’s in a couple of days with antibiotics.  He should be okay, but has a nice snootful of yuck in the meantime.

Pauly, another of the Waycross boys, is being neutered Wednesday at Village Lilburn. Yay Pauly!  Yay, Village!

Ben and Stewart (2 more from Waycross) are being neutered tomorrow. After that, Stewart may be adopted by one of the Pets Playhouse people, and I want to move Ben to Jackie’s as soon as we know that Frannie’s adoption will “stick.”  Mara is taking them to Lifeline in the morning, and I’m picking them up to take them back to Pets Playhouse in the afternoon.

The final two Waycross girls, Maura and Chamblee, will have their surgeries early next week.

Sneakers (the “down” dog) is still at Village. He will not allow his bladder to be expressed, and we don’t know why. They have to catheterize him. We’ve started him on some drugs to relax the bladder sphincter, and we hope this will help. As soon as he can be expressed, he will go to Kim. He has some tone in his back legs, and deep pain, so I am hopeful for him learning to walk again.  He is a very handsome dapple boy (so many dapples seem to have the IVDD disc back problems), and he needs to lose a lot of weight.  That will really help with his recovery.

Scooby (currently with Kim) has his recheck on Wednesday at Village, hoping that broken pelvis is healed. If all goes well, he can move to Vicki’s after that.

Petunia is coming up from Savannah tonight, and has her mammary tumor surgery on Thursday at Village, and can go to Vicki’s after that.

The puppies (Callie, Boo, and Miss Maudie) were spayed/neutered today. Callie is being adopted tomorrow, and Miss Maudie has a good app by one of the Syrens of the South gals. Their mom, Scout, started heartworm treatment today.

I picked up three new puppies (Brulee, Beefsteak, and Gumbo) today, along with their mom and a dog that might be their dad.  The pups will be neutered in 3 weeks, and ready for adoption then.  Their mom is Vivien. They are all at Village tonight, being checked out tomorrow.  Cross your fingers for negative heartworm tests.   I’m picking them up tomorrow from Village. Clark, the possible dad, is a very handsome black and tan. He’s being neutered tomorrow.  He is a very friendly dog and I think he would love an active house.  THANK YOU CHATTOOGA COUNTY for being proactive to find rescue for your dogs!

I think Rammy needs to go to the vet for bloodwork. He is skinny, and drinking a lot.  I’m going to wait until we get through all of the above, though, my brain can’t take one more thing!

We are waiting to find out when Little Miss Fiona’s appointment is at UGA.  She’s the darling little longhair girl with the strange birth defects in her back legs, but man, she does not let that slow her down.

We’ve done good work lately — and a lot of it.  Send good vibes!  Send money!

Humane Society’s lobbying day is tomorrow at the Georgia State Capitol.  I learn so much at those events.  I have high hopes for the animals in this year’s legislative session.  I’ll post later this week about the bills in play, and what you can do to support them (or oppose them) with your own state legislators.


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