Here kitty kitty!

One of our foster homes is working with her new foster to acclimate him to life with a cat.  Thought I would share — as many dachshunds have kitty issues!  (Names have been changed to protect the innocent.)


Major breakthrough here!  As late as last night, Toto was only good with the cat if we were all sitting still.  If the cat got up to move, he would try to chase or nip at him.  If the cat was outside, he would try to go over to him and was hard to distract.  I would have to really coax him to get him to come away from the vicinity of the cat and after we went back in, he headed straight for the doggie door to go back out after the cat.

Zeus (kitty) was off doing his own thing all morning and part way into the afternoon so we didn’t have any run ins.  Then, later this afternoon, I had him on the leash outside (I had seen Zeus out there under the bush in his favorite spot).  I had some chicken bits with me but Toto didn’t know it at first…  I took him within a few feet of the cat.  All the sitting still with the two of them stuff be paying off cuz he looked at the cat for a second and then looked away (exactly the behavior I’ve been reinforcing) I told him he was a good boy and gave him a bit of chicken.  He stood there in the same spot for the next couple of minutes:  he’d look at the cat for a second and then look away…treat…  look at the cat and look away…treat…  LOL  He has definitely got the idea!  So we walked around near the cat for a few more moments and he kept doing the same thing, glance at cat and look away.  Sometimes he’d just get a “GOOD boy!!” and sometimes chicken as well.  Then we went elsewhere in the yard and he came quite willingly, never looking back at the cat.  Never attempted to go back to the doggie door even though he had to know Zeus was still out there…

Back in the house a couple of hours later.  I’m in the kitchen preparing supper, he is on the leash so I can stand on it if necessary.  Cat walks into the room… Toto looks at him, looks at me and wags his tail.  “GOOD boy!!”   Gave him a piece of chicken, gave the cat a piece of chicken…  For the next ten minutes or so, the cat wandered around in the kitchen and Toto hardly even looked at him, watching me for the next bit of chicken.  LOL

Couple hours later, we’re coming in from outside and the cat is standing on the laundry table meowing.  I stop to pet him, Toto keeps right on going into the house.  He stopped halfway through the kitchen to look back and see if I was coming but never even looked at the cat!  I’m sooooo happy!


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