Top things DREAM dachshunds are thankful for

I polled all the dachshunds in DREAM’s foster homes, and they all were thankful for something different!

Eli was thankful for tennis balls, which he now chases as much as possible (sometimes for hours), and for his foster mamas who throw the ball for him.  Over and over and over. And over.

Stan was thankful for his new foster dad, who is teaching him about the crate being a safe place.

Nicodemus is thankful that his teeth don’t hurt any more. And for his dashing eyepatch.

Wendell is grateful that he has a safe place to sleep, with other dachshunds around.

Sweetness is thankful for her arthritis medicine, and her warm bed.

Fritz Gerald is grateful that he isn’t with that lady who turned him into DREAM, carrying the new puppy in her arms that she had just bought from a breeder.

Maci is thankful that she has someone to sit next to on the couch and watch movies.

Miss Dolly is grateful for her bed and her pretty yard.  That’s all she really needs, she says.  She is retired.

Zap! is grateful that everyone he meets loves him as much as he loves everyone he meets.

Yodel is thankful to be in a foster home with no other dogs.  He likes all the attention all for himself. And for being so good-lookin’.

Zucker is thankful that someone came to get him after he was so scared and all alone on the street, and turned him into a vet who then found DREAM.

Jerry Beasley is thankful that anyone puts up with his grumpy old self.

Missy is grateful for her foster mama, who loves her old old face with her tongue sticking out the side.

Simon is grateful that he doesn’t have all those heartworms anymore.  They made it really hard to breathe.  And for the people who are going to adopt him tomorrow.

Brandy is thankful that her mom didn’t take her to the vet for the “blue juice” when she moved into an apartment that didn’t take dogs. And for DREAM.

Havarti was grateful for the training he is getting at Canine PHD to help him not be so scared.

Tonka is thankful for the dog park.  When can we go again?  And for his foster sister Delia, who plays “wild mustangs” with him.

Angus and Nessa are grateful that their dad’s friend knew how to find DREAM when their dad died, so that they didn’t go to the shelter.

Fella said he was grateful not to be in that dark  garage any more, where he spent 4 years before coming to DREAM.  Also warmies in his crate to help his arthritis.

Shannon is thankful that such a nice lady wants to adopt her, even though she has had skin cancer.

Rosie is grateful for her understanding foster family, who drove her around so much when she needed those surgeries on her mammary tumors and her bad tooth.  She feels so much better now!

Pumpkin is grateful that she and her 8 babies are not in the animal control anymore, and the babies are not sick.  That is no place to have your babies! (Soon she will be grateful that they are all in their forever homes.  She is tired of nursing.)

Buttercup is thankful for her nice quiet foster home in Savannah. And that her eye doesn’t hurt anymore.

Mouse is thankful that her foster home has a big ramp, because she is too little for stairs, and their doggie door is on the second floor!

Starling is grateful for FOOD.  But she doesn’t like her foster mama’s tricks to slow her down so much.

Manchego is grateful for the lady who found him at animal control and called DREAM.  And also for his foster dad who is taking care of him while he finishes heartworm treatment.

Brady is thankful for bellyrubs.

Kirby is thankful that the lady at the dogpound found DREAM, because the mean man who dropped him off at the pound knew he’d be put to sleep that night and left him anyway.  And he’s just a baby!

Olivia is grateful that she isn’t in a scary concrete run anymore at animal control.  No place for a teeny chiweenie!

John-Boy is thankful that he is going to a foster home today that has another young dog that loves to play play play!

Duncan is thankful that his foster mom understands that he doesn’t mean anything by it when he tries to go on an adventure.  (And for his new harness.)

Mattie is thankful for her adoptive mama, who drove up to see her from Columbus and is going to take her home as soon as her heartworm restriction period is over.  And for her foster mama who took care of her during all of that.

We at DREAM are thankful for all the people who love the dachshunds and care for them their entire lives.  We wish there were more of you.

I am thankful for our foster homes, who show these dogs so much love (sometimes for the first time in their lives), and then send them on to their forever homes, so they can help the next dachshund who needs them.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marylon
    Nov 25, 2009 @ 00:55:58

    All of the dachshunds who have stopped to visit at DREAM–the current boy`s and girls–the past–the future–all thank Dream. The ideal scenario is that there would be no need for rescue in the future but right now we know better. We`ll just keep praying.


  2. Heather
    Nov 25, 2009 @ 17:39:29

    That was sweet. I am thankful that there are caring people out there who work in rescue and try to save as many lives as they can.


  3. Moonpie
    Jan 29, 2010 @ 00:35:06

    I’m grateful that DREAM took me at all. I was already old and looked, well, unattractive. Someone in my past took my nails off, I had a hernia and the worst breath you have ever known. Is it any wonder I was not very social? DREAM took me anyway and fixed all my health problems. My foster mama took me in and in spite of my crabby attitude just could not give me up.

    It took a couple of years, but I now know she loves and takes care of me. I have even come to like my vet, Dr. Julie No small task, but then she is unusually attached to me. (I have her personal cell number go figure!)

    I tolerate Moose Tracks, the dapple doxie. I now let him snuggle me as long as he doesn’t disturb my sleep. The westie, Murphy, is very respectful of my space and makes SURE that I am not in the crate he is entering. I get first pick of the crates and blankets around here you see.

    Yes retirement, and DREAM, have been good to me.


  4. my life dream
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 12:32:50

    Giving gratitude is such a worthwhile practice.


  5. Lorene
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 03:27:32

    As a new foster mom, thanks for letting me “borrow” some love! I just can’t afford a third or fourth doxie, so it is nice to “borrow” some love! I enjoy watching my fosters do better every day. Knowing their forever home will be a good one, makes it easy to let them go. Callie and Oscar enjoy having playmates too!


    • dreamdachshundrescue
      Jan 29, 2011 @ 17:30:55

      We are very grateful to have you, Callie, and Oscar getting our foster dogs ready for their new lives!


  6. my life dream
    Mar 08, 2011 @ 03:33:40

    Giving thanks also helps give a positive outlook in life. Never fail to say thanks. Thanks!


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