Weigh-in Tomorrow for Buckles!

We had a great start last week on Mr. Buckles’ Biggest Loser diet plan. He lost 3 pounds in his first week! Now, to be honest that was a bit of a shock. And I think it’s too fast. But still, it was a nice way to kick-off his success.

The first week, we were struggling with some diarrhea, which was probably from all the stressors he had been through (being in animal control, going to the vet, riding in the car, staying in another cage). He was tested at the vet and was negative for any intestinal parasites or little buggies like giardia or coccidia. So I had to take a few days to get his tummy under control. He fasted for one day, then had plain rice for a couple days, then we started gradually working up the what I would consider the “normal” weight-loss regimen for a 63-pound dog who should really weigh around 30 pounds: 1 cup of Natural Balance kibble (the regular blue bag). 1 cup of mixed vegetables: carrots, canned pumpkins, green beans. And a bit of whole milk plain yogurt.

So his weigh-in last Friday showed a 3-pound loss. He is definitely feeling more chipper. His waddle has a bit of the strut about it now. And he’s beginning to try to kick up his heels in the yard, just a bit.

This past week, I fed the same as above, except I added a 1/4 cup of kibble in the morning to try to keep his blood sugar more even (insulin production can encourage fat storage).

Tomorrow is our next weigh in. Wish us luck! I’ll tweet from @DREAMRescue and send a picture. I’m hoping for another 1/2 – 1 pound. Nice and gentle, but steady, loss for my sweet man.


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